A funny story here last night..a young woman was talking about how she likes to make costumes and her story of her successfull attempts suddenly brought secretiveness to the room between her and one guy. They didn't want to talk any further with their friends there.
After we were alone, away from their friends I found out that I guess he has sort of a Zombie phobia and she knew this,she dressed up in a bunch of mens and womens clothing, put a beard on herself and went limping down a semi-lit alley and scared the crap out of him as she alternated between appearing and then vanishing in the shadows.
They wanted to keep this secret because they might have something along these same lines instore for those friends!
I tried to tell her that free-lance scaring outside of October or a haunt venue can sometimes lead to problems..but ...oh well?
(That's why I quit doing that.)
Another funny aspect to their story in my opinion, he is a big guy, she is very petite, but she still scared him!
Maybe all the clothes made her look bigger? Sure.