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Thread: Finally Old Enough!

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  1. Default Finally Old Enough! 
    Join Date
    Oct 2007
    Hey guys,

    Im finally old enough to be a Knotts Scary Farm actor.

    I need help on how i should approach this...

    I know there are tryouts sometime in the summer, how do i go about finding out when these are? Should i be in line REALLY early?

    Is it true that if youre good enough in a tryout, you will make the street team your first year?

    please give me some info, ive been waiting for this since i was 13... LOL


  2. Default  
    Join Date
    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    I would love to have someone with your enthusiasm apply for my haunt park. Read the link I posted for you, bring all he info they require and get there fairly early. Enthusiastic is good, annoyingly/creepily eager is bad.
    Best of Luck,
    I have no doubt you will get a job there this season.
    Allen H

  3. Default  
    Join Date
    May 2007
    Columbia, SC
    Good Luck Austin! I worked at Knott's sister park, Carowinds, a few seasons ago. I'm not sure how your auditions will be, however ours was rather simple.

    1. Paperwork
    2. Group audition (about 3-4 people)
    3. Individual "special talent"
    4. Measurements
    6. Call back - issued character
    7. Training for a few days
    8. Scaring!!

    Like I said, best of luck. I know they hired up until the last night, so getting the job shouldn't be an issue!!!
    O'Shawn McClendon
    Creative Chair -- Operator: Cayce-West Columbia Hall of Horrors

    One mans junk is another mans kick-ass new prop...






  4. Default  
    Join Date
    Oct 2007
    Hey guys thanks for the kind words, and thankyou for the tips!

    I was talking to a slider from Ghost Town (He goes by slinky) and he was giving me some tips on how i could improve my sliding gear.

    I know i wont be a slider this year, but never hurts to get some ideas.

    thanks again guys! Im looking at the link right now.


  5. Default  
    Join Date
    Sep 2009
    Buffalo, NY
    Good for you man, I was in the same position as you last year.

    Getting my first job at a haunt after finally being old enough was awesome, I couldnt have been happier

    I was learning something new everyday from all kinds of people and situations.

    When at your audition be sure to give them everything you got dont hold back, show them everything you can bring to them.

    Expressing your enthusiasm and love for the haunt industry is always good to share with them.

    Being in line early always helps out, I dont know if they fill up spots based on first come first serve basis, but you should definitly find that out.

    I wish you the best as you approach your first year of acting.

    As Allen said you should have no problems getting a job, If youre already this eager it just shows you that haunting is in your blood.

  6. Default "Old" Enough? 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Big enough?
    Smart enough?
    Experienced enough?
    I have known 14 yr. olds who were two out of four and were impressive.
    I have known 35 yr. olds that needed advice and babysitting from the 14 yr. old.
    As owner of a haunt my main thing is knowing when to hold back or stop completely before someone gets too scared to ever even think of coming back here again. This equals fewer and fewer customers as time passes which equals less money and less oportunity to make that money for all concerned.
    The 14 yr. old..what happens if a large adult decides to punch his lights out? Will the smaller guy survive? Can he run or duck fast enough? Will he anticipate it coming?
    Experience usually seems to arrive with age for many things.
    Many haunters have told me about all the times they were punched...? I think something was not adequately communicated by the person hiring and paying them, this doesnot have to happen. It should not happen..unless you really have a "thing" for your favorite dentist?
    Emergency Room? Jail cell? (Mr. Punchback or Mr. Punchfirst?)
    Save those knocked out teeth for your shaker can!

  7. Default  
    Join Date
    Feb 2004
    Mexico, Missouri, United States
    I can say I have never once been punched in all the years of acting and running a haunted house. Like you said Jim it should never happen. Only once did I think someone might do something and that is because they were drunk. There are ways of avoiding any contact 9 times out of 10.
    Damon Carson

  8. Default Or.. 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    You could stop the fight like Woody Allan once did, "I repeatedly kept throwing my face against his fist until he gave up!"

  9. Default  
    Join Date
    Sep 2009
    Buffalo, NY
    The only time I've been hit is one night when i was working a window with a curtain I just popped my head out right next to a patron walking through.

    In his reflex of running away he accidently swung his elbow at me and caught my cheek, he apoligized and didnt really upset my but I got my revenge when he wrapped around the corner to my other window where I jumped through and sent him running.

    Being punched is a completly different story, 90% of the time you can distinguish the drunks when they enter your room before you even scare them.

    Even in just one season I had countless times of distinguishing a drunk, scaring them from a safe distance and then retreating back to my spot to aviod future conflict.

    You just always have to be aware of the people walking through and reading the group as a whole and you should never get puched.

    And Jim I cant stop laughing at " save those knocked out teeth for your shaker can"

  10. Default Well "Coaster".. 
    Join Date
    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Most non-rotted teeth are pretty hard, they would rattle a long time. If dentures were not forthcoming and you needed your food chewed, maybe I just invented something here?
    Place your food (un-chewed) in a can, place the pulled or broken teeth in the can, seal lid and shake!
    Your own old teeth now chewing your food!
    You might have to shake that can a long time to chew a tough steak, though.

    So the haunt customer says:"You and that shaker can are stupid, that doesdn't scare or impress me!"
    Then you open the can , pick out the teeth and eat from the can!
    This just might impress them!

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