I heard some of these last night and they were not pleasant.
Haunt owners throwing a temper tantrum when a young actor gets severely injured because in large part because of a dangerous, poorly designed scare they put him into.
"We don't like any of that "Medical" Lawsuit" stuff , so you just GO HOME!"
Having an actor armed with a real baseball bat to smack the wall with, then a customer disarming him and breaking the actor's hand as it gets smacked with the bat....
Having a small woman manhandled, slammed up against a wall infront of the customers(this was planned) but an irate upset customer attacked the monster slamming the girl and hurt him!

Anything can happen in the dark in a haunted house...but...if the ticket booth keeps the drunks out and the owner/designer thinks protectively of their helpers when they design the scares, maybe those "little people' that make it all happen could have a happier time of it.
I got upset hearing all of these things..because it all seemed so unnecessary....