Have a bunch of domain names for sale! Note that it is only the domain and no design or web layout, please EMAIL me if you are interested, as I am not on here as often as I would like to be.

Prices are negotiable, buy more than one and we can work out some sort of deal.

www.sinistereffects.com $900

www.sinisterhaunt.com $800

www.sinisterclown.com $750

www.cityprison.com $300

www.clowneffects.com $250

www.cheesyballs.com $250

www.circuseffects.com $250

www.circuspranks.com $100

www.clownpranks.com $150

Buy them all for $3,500 and auction them off for more money. Just want to clear out old domains I have no use for, I'm sure if you tried you could get a lot more out of them, but I just have too many projects to put that much work into it and would like to see these domains put to the use they deserve. These are marked to sell, it's a one time payment and you can switch servers, right now they're only $10/month from Enom, but if you switch to Go Daddy or something it's probably cheaper.

Thanks and don't hesitate to shoot me an email, prices are negotiable, my contact info is below!