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Thread: Need help with making radio needle move

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  1. Default Need help with making radio needle move 
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    Jan 2010
    Glastonbury, CT
    Hi there, so I'm trying to make an old 50's radio tuner needle to pan sporadically but looped to run continuously. I included a picture of the radio. The radio is gonna be part of my costume, running off a car battery for leds, audio and the motor for the needle. My question is where can I get a cheap controller and servo and how can I program it to achieve this effect. I have ZERO experience when it comes to controllers so I am looking for something easy to program and setup also would be great if someone could step me thorough this if possible.

    Thank You!


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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    What you want to do is actually super easy.
    I recommend you get in contact with EFX tech
    Go with a prop 1 controller and a servo from
    They can walk you through it and most ikely help you with/do the programming on the controller.
    Allen H

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    If you've got more money to throw around ($109 plus shipping), servocity also has this servo recorder. Using it is as simple as
    1. Push slider to "Record"
    2. Twist knob back and forth for a while
    3. Push slider to "Loop"

    Then it'll continuously loop whatever you did in step 2, for up to 4 servos.

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