11 were all here at one time, a group of 2 Moms, one little boy and the rest all girls.
In the first room one girl was very entertaining for the rest as she would shriek and throw her arms up and slide down in the antique theater seat's slippery vynl...then half-way through the house I discover she had been here before!?
Asking for a volunteer for one machine, the little boy was the volunteer, after "The Treatment" he stepped out unchanged!
I thought he may have wanted to allow the machinery to change him into a girl to fit in with the tour better? Many strange things have happened once the door rotates shut!
The one adult was a newbie, she was impressed by my efforts here, the other adult has been here quite a few times and always brings a group.
If we ever get some non-storming nighttime weather around here....it would be nice.