..and to describe it might give too much away.(and out of context, usually makes no sense!)
This is what we often hear from old patrons, recent customers and those appearing at our door for their first time, sent here via "friends".
Last night as a mother stayed in the van for a little over 2 hours while her Husband and two boys were entertained inside The Ravens Grin Inn.
My Wife, Jessica ,went out after awhile(when we found out that she was out there) and spent some time visiting with her. She was terrified to even consider coming in the house!
I know she would have probably enjoyed seeing the rest of her family's reactions to the "program" here, probably especially her Husband's jumping and unexpected outbursts! (Followed by much laughter, of course)
"How did you hear about The Ravens Grin Inn?"
"From a friend at the lake."
"My business slogan is "Bring your friends, send your enemies."
"Are you SURE he's your "Friend"?
If you can influence your audience to the degree that they recommend people to see your place, then you have just saved countless dollars you would have spent on advertising and your business will be perpetuating itself, at least to a certain extent.
Most of the time I am presenting the style of a show that I love to present, making even more fun for me, personally. How fortunate can I get?
I am sure this "Fun-Factor" is what keeps my old body wanting to keep functioning even though it often tells me "No", I ignore that and race to open the front door yet again!
This is how it happens for me!
That is the "carrot" dangling on the end of that teasing "Stick"!