Of what my "acting" abilitys may provide:

Jim Warfield

Ravens Grin Inn

Wed. July 7 @ 6:00pm
Mount Morris Public Library

Catch a glimpse into the warped and wacky world of Jim Warfield, proprietor of the Ravens Grin Inn,a year-round haunted house in Mount Carroll, Il.
"Ravens Grin Inn...an underground legend amoung haunted house connoisseurs across the US."

Chicago Tribune.


Please maintain a respectful distance as prolonged exposure to Jim has been known to produce a tempoary, dementia-like state!

To express your intrest and reserve a seat for this program, please call the library at 734-4927. This program is suitable for children and adults alike.

Now I get my own personal warning label! As I cause dementia!
Pretty funny stuff!
I love it. Where's my hitler moustache? Were you wearing it last, Eva?"