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Thread: How many pro haunters

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    Dec 2003
    My little sister has had a girl standing by her bedside for years when she slept.
    Her story's make the hair on my neck rise. Sister grew up and bought my last house, the ghost moved in with her. No ghost when i lived there for 7 years!
    My brother in law keeps telling her ghosts lie nowhere in the agreement of through Richer or Poorer and he's leaving if the ghost dosen't.
    She's dealt with this for 22 years now.
    She talks to it!

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    Aug 2003
    Las Vegas
    While I do believe there are definately unexplained phenomena, I always have trouble with the whole "orb" evidence...

    As a haunter how many times have you tried to photograph a scene and there might be a little dust in the air, what happens???

    The flash bounces off the dust particulate in the air and creates an "orb".
    I take progress shots to show the wife that I've actually been "working" and I either have to wait for a while for the dust to settle or gets lights so I don't have to use the flash. If not there are too many "orbs" to even be able to see the scene!!

    Enities? sure I've seen things and felt things I can't explain, but please let's loose the orbs!
    R&J Productions
    Las Vegas, NV

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    We have successfully created "orbs" with a digital camera by throwing dust into the air and spraying some mist at the same time, but it took about ten trys before getting one and it was a white orb, but they do come in all colors.
    The two orbs I saw in the wine cellar with the naked eye are not so easilly explained. Neither are the orbs Damon saw in my front room.??
    Most camera orbs should not be given alot of value or importance.
    Some orbs caught on-camera have had little faces in them, though.

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    Aug 2006
    that is so funny because i take progress shots to show my wife i been working also.and yeah i think the orb stuff is bs also.seems kinda wierd to me that people that say they have seen a ghost can tell you 100 stories about all the ghosts they have seen.but for most of us we dont even get to see one.are ghosts attracted to certain people?like in the instance of the gost of a girl that followed her on the move.or mabie certain people get spooked easier?by a shaddow of a tree branch outside the window?

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    Aug 2006
    o and those shows with the phychics that talk to the ghosts in haunted locations,i believe are also bs,they all feel pains and all that jazz.it wouldnt be much fun to watch a ghost show and have all the unexplained explained so i believe thats all made up

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    Mar 2006
    ClarkLake, MI
    I'm still waiting....
    When we moved into our new (old) house, the buyers mention that there was a ghost in this house.

    Could be I'm not sensitive to it?

    If you would like to look, you're more than welcome.
    This is what the house looked like before we moved in except for the night shot.

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