I know a few people on this board are members of haunted acting troupes. (Legion of Terror and Feature Creatures come to mind) Many of you are hired by haunts to come and work at their place for a weekend or two. I was curious as to things that you do outside of the Halloween season. Do you participate in community service projects? Parades? Other events? What do you do to promote yourselves to local and not-so-local haunted attractions? How do you balance your time between your local haunt and going to others out of town or state?

Haunt owners, do you promote these actors as 'special guests' when they come to your haunt? How do you go about the process of getting these actors to your attraction?

Last winter I founded a small acting troupe based out of Charlotte (The Charlotte Creeper Corps(e) and we are currently looking to promote ourselves and hire ourselves out to various haunts in the area. We have nearly 100 years of combined experience and several of us have slider, makeup, and actor training experience. We hope to have our website up soon with complete bios and photos of our (s)characters.

Any and all advice as to how we can get off the ground and promote ourselves would be greatly appreciated. If you'd like more info about us, drop me a line and I'll tell you all about the Corps(e)...