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Thread: "Real" Haunted House

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  1. Default "Real" Haunted House 
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    Nov 2008
    With the emergence of high def video and audio and also the slew of new ghost hunting shows, does it sway your believe in ghosts? I can tell you it has mine, I have always been weary of saying I was a believer of ghost even though I have never had a personal experience with them. With all the surveillance cameras everywhere, the only ghost you see in the news are blue orbs around Halloween, or really good editing/photoshopping.

    I have heard the claim, "Well, you don't see them because you don't believe." I don't buy that. I want to see, but I have never seen pictures or videos to prove in my head that they exist. How do you guys feel about this?


  2. Default Would You Believe? 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Numerous people all saying the same thing? How about if these people all said the same thing several nights apart from one another and were all from various locations?
    This is the thing that began to convince me. How could all of those people be fibbing?
    Could anyone even persuade such a large number to all fib ? (And keep fibbing?)
    Much of the haunting stories are just stories.. but not all of them by any means.
    Almost every week people coming to see my house will be telling me their personal ghost stories.
    I do believe most of them, most of the time because they seem very truthfull and forthright with no agenda of personal gain or influence.
    Of course the majority of the stories I an told bare no resemblance to a Hollywood horror movie, the stories are usually fairly quiet, mundane occurrences, the types of events I wouldn't be losing any sleep over, like a self-turning doorknob, the sounds of feet running upstairs (nobody there, of course)
    There unfortunately ARE some who tell incredible stories (as per/Hollywood horror movie) and I usually can not believe them. One deciding true and pathetic factor in my decision not to believe is the obvious desperation of the storyteller to get a date.
    Wash youself, use deoderant, wear nice clothes, speak more quietly when you actually have something interesting to say, smile once and awhile, don't brag about personal failures or bad luck or incarcerations in institutions ..and you will become much more date-able no matter what message your genetics send out, there is someone for everybody but you have to try, play by common rules as defined by civilization, ours, not the 12th centuary's. (One bath annually)

  3. Default "Mr. Interveiwer" 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Sent e-mails, called, asking if he could come here and ask me questions?
    He arrived and his first confession was that he and a girlfriend Had been through the house (Ravens Grin Inn) 19 years ago.
    Ever since then, he needed to ask me a question:" Just the three of us were in the wine cellar. You were telling us about the room. My girlfriend and I were looking at you, then I turned my head, looked at a mannequin you had standing there wearing a baseball cap (J.W.="?" I don't remember this , but it sure could have been there)
    The baseball cap rotated , the bill of the cap moving about 90 degrees from straight ahead to the side....did you have a motor or something inside the head to do this or something?"
    "That's an idea I never thought of! No, I had no such device to do such a thing as you have described."
    A great many highly coincidental, Strange and some definately supernatural things have happened in this house.
    Many people have stopped here to tell me about such events here when they or their relatives once lived within these walls.
    I have had some October employees have unexpected/supernatural things happen to them when they were here. Some of them left scared to never return, some left for a night but came back, thankfully.
    One of those who left the Ravens Grin employ saw a large, heavy object suddenly fly about 7-8 feet , hit the wine cellar wall, fall to the floor.
    It took three of us to return it to it's rightfull, normal location. (It was more aukward than heavy, but it was also in my opinion"heavy".)
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