A couple showed up here at my normal closing time-12 midnight. They had driven 5 1/2 hrs. from the St. Louis area to come here (A whim) They were a very appreciative audience with some new words chosen as compliments like "Phenominal!"
Outside I chose to scare the guy first even though he was second as they passed by me.
He screamed, she said, "It was just a twig." (She saw nothing, I was quick!)
Then a very short while later as she was distracted looking at a display I got her with the same "Twig"! So they each got a good laugh out of this.
Later when he kept reacting to my scares by cussing, I inquired whether or not he was getting his money's worth? "Yes!"Was his curt answer.(Funny, huh?)
Now all haunters pay attention to this, guess what he does for a living?
He mans the phone explaining claims and answering people's questions about their mental health insurance! YES! Mental Health Insurance!? Ever heard of such a thing before?
Would it be legal to sell to someone if they were not in their right mind? hahahaha!
I have his phone number I can put you all in touch with him, come on! You Know We All Need This! hahahahah!