I was living alone here in my haunted, haunted house (20 yrs. ago?) It was wintertime,10:30 pm, the town was quite, I was standing in my front room playing with some video tapes with just the tv on , the only source of light in the room.
I heard the south door open and close that leads into the kitchen, the room beside the room I was in, "I wonder who's coming to see me?" (Could have been any one of a dozen friends or relatives)
I heard their footsteps coming toward the connecting door between the rooms on the hardwood floor.
I then had a sheer curtain hung beside the door inside the living room, then a pile of junk "room divider" after the sheer curtain. Through the sheer curtain I saw the door open, I heard the door open (it drags some)and I saw someone enter the room.
All I could tell looking at them through the curtain was they they were maybe about 5 ft. 6 inches tall?
I heard them walking behind my pile of junk room divider, there was no carpet in the room yet.
"Who is it going to be? Andrew? Matt?, Heather? Mary? Anne? Troy? Bob?"
There I stood, all alone, in the old haunted house, at the end of the dead end street,on the edge of the cliff, across from the city graveyard...
With some anticipation upon seeing one of these people ...all I got to see was a pair of black jeans, with no feet or shoes, and no upper body, take two steps from behind the curtain, then vanish all happening maybe 8 to 10 feet away from me.
I stood there staring......finally I said, "O....K...?"
Thinking about this incident more recently I realised that if I were a ghost and Really wanted or needed to get someone's attention..what better way than to begin with normal sounds coming from the next room, building anticipation with no fear, everything seems to be very normal, then "GOTCHA!!!"
("Do you notice me NOW JIM?")
Yes I did.
Pretty clever too.