Hey everyone I'm starting this small business that creates zombie portraits called Zombie Spectrums. Zombie Spectrums is currently creating the living dead! Get infected with out the nasty man eating effects.

8x10 gloss is around $15 4x6 around $7. If you do want a scene background like the Snow Zombie take the picture in front of desired place and it will be and extra $5 dollars to add effects and such. Plan back grounds with added effects is included. Personalization like name, date of death, messages add $1.50 Full body shots will be an extra $5 please indicate if you want any limbs missing!

Make sure you let me know if you have and preference of effects on your zombie self like how much or little of blood and gore/ cuts, teeth, eye color. Or if you just want me to have at it.

Make sure the photo is clear and not blurry. Web Site is coming soon. If interested email me at snofreak666@yahoo.com with your name, picture, address, and preferences. Payment can be discussed through email.