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Thread: How far from home is your haunt?

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    Jan 2010
    Cleveland Ohio
    Most of the attractions I have worked with have typically been 30-45 minutes or more away.
    -Mike "Pogo" Hach

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    Apr 2009
    Near Charlotte NC
    The old one I worked at was about 30 minutes after they put in the new highway, before that it was about 45 minutes away....

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    Nov 2009
    Dallas, Texas
    30 minutes away without traffic

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    Feb 2010
    SE Wisconsin
    I too am about 5 mins walking distance.

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    Nov 2007
    Hey there~

    Let's see we had 2 choices at one point ..

    1)5- 10 minutes away (building) or

    2) 30 Seconds.. (back yard)..

    We had the building aspect planned... had a local business sponsor .. etc. .. etc.. but the plans fell through due to personal commitments/issues.. ( will happen HOPEFULLY next year)

    This year .. all we have to do is walk out of my kitchen to the living room ( wich is part of the haunt) out my front door and around the corner of the building to the back yard.. ( all of 30 seconds to 1 minute away ) to get to the site of our Yard haunt this year....

    Ill post more details on another thread once we get building done .. as we are only doing the haunt on Halloween we still have some time to get things done..


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    Oct 2007
    Pittsburgh, PA
    5ish years ago I was 12 or so minutes. Then I moved and now I'm less than 5. I didn't pick the house due to the location of the haunt, it just panned out that way and now I'm incredibly spoiled. I have my eye on a house that is literally 30 seconds from the haunt, if it ever goes up again.
    -Brandon Kelm
    Operations Manager & Technical Director


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