All 8 of them began to look in the corner....(it looked rather hap-hazard, junky, ignored)
I pushed the very hidden button= a mouse-sized ball-of-furr "ran" up the wall.
WOW! They all spun away from it, stumbling, banging into one another headed toward the opposite end of the room at the speed of "clumbsie"-light!!
When the dust had settled all 8 of these 20-something year-olds, all tall and larger than average people needed to be untangle and helped up from their scrimage-pile in the middle of the floor! (But who has the football?) (The cheerleader?)
After a few more episodes like this, they prematurely left my house, I had a mailing address for one of them, so I sent a post card asking for comments or suggestions?
They said it was alot of fun seeing their friends get scared, but it could have been scarier! ???
I guess they wanted chitty-pants and heart-attacks!?
Some people never miss a chance to afterwards be critical even though they WERE scared to death. Must be that "Macho" thing? Macho-laying -on-the-floor-thing?
Very funny!!