I always wanted to put together a "Best Of..." feature, because we get them every year!!
Two of the best:
1. Chainsaw chases a group of girls out. The chainsaw guy chase them out a tunnel up to a curtain never, exiting through the curtain as the exit is totally in view of the que lines. The girsl are all screaming, gasping when one askes her friend "Where's your purse?" She starts panicing "My purse, I don't have my purse!" Almost perfectly on que the actor sticks a hand out the curtain with her purse. People in the que are laughing and watching. As she take a step her frined exlaims "Where's your shoes?" She now starts screaming, "My shoes...I don't have my shoes!!!" On que the actor shoves the shoes through the curtain in his other hand!!! The audience went nuts!!! It was a great bit!!

2. Last season one of my line actors was working the crowd. She comes up behind two boys. Facing one she is looming over the second for the scare.
The young boy slowly looks around, eye to eye with the actor and calmly states, "Sorry you can't scare me, I've seen my Grandma naked!!" Everyone in line including the actor lost it!!!