Hey Guys it's been awhile since I posted anything on the forums! Dosn't mean I haven't been still Lurking around seeing all the great work you guyz have been doing!!!

Alright for the people who know me or don't I have moved up in the Haunt Industry in the last few years... I took my home haunt "Donovan Ville" and moved into our Downtown local mall for the last 3 years we changed our haunt name & theme to the "MALL OF HORROR" and now it's time for change!

This season is our biggest yet we have a 3 Day Major Event in the planing and we will be open for 3 weeks again Mon. to Sat. 5pm/10pm
Our new them in a Old Mine the was buried over and the mall was built on top... Our local mall is in major reno stages so our new story line works great! The idea is when then were digging in the mall the uncovered a huge sink pit! releasing the trapped souls below...lol we have a huge story line and I will fill you guyz all in I will keep this as a blog of my ideas and where we are at!

What I am looking for is crazy Old Mine/Gold Mine ideas? scares? props?
Anything that might give us some extras for the haunt, we already have many things built but looking for somthing extra lol...