The Mom laughed quickly and easily at any goofy thing, sister was laughing, smiling alot, being the "Brave" one went first alot and must have enjoyed screaming, she did that alot too!
I picked out little brother to scare first , and I sure did! Then I passed the same scare around to each of them in-turn, which is always so funny when someone reacts and the rest didn't see a thing or know what it was..then they find out for themselves in a minute or two, hopefully building!!
Earlier a woman had to leave the tour because she was beginning to feel "Claustrophobic"...because the lights were off in the front room...?
Yes, you guessed it Mam, the room does get smaller after the lights go out, infact the walls might crush us all to death if I didn't turn the lights on to stop your misconceptions (or is that just insanity?)
She didn't seem the least bit paniced or desperate in any way, infact she had a smile on her face the whole time, one of the two women she came here with also left with her, effectively "ditching" the other woman here as the other two immeadiately drove off somewhere as if it was a plan or something? Not nice. It seemed like a grade school manover or something, I hope I'm wrong.