A young couple drove for an hour to get here. She had been here numerous times, he was "the Virgin".
The vines still cover and obscure a large portion of this old house (or are they really veins and arteries?)
As they take a seat in my front room I apologise for not being of "Good Voice" tonight and being somewhat addle-brained from spending 5 of the last 6 days working on my own roof in the heat, sun and today wind, I am speaking very non-theatrically.
I proceed to explain what does and doesnot go on here, speaking slowly, allowing every word to be heard and understood before the next word is born.
I explain my logic I operate with concerning my lack of fiction as applied to the house's actual haunted history. (I have several very good reasons for being totally truthfull, and I actually am.)
I state logical, possibly scientific explanations for this house (and town) being haunted.
None of what I tell them sounds the least bit like a Hollywood horror movie, because most odd happenings are not like those scripts (maybe because they are unscripted?)
So here are three people in a front room, talking(mostly me doing the talking)
I amuse them, I somewhat entertain them, I ask them a few questions about things pertaining to them..then as my story unfolds something very out of the ordinary happens and I just scared him very noticably, twice!
...and now we all know why she brought him here, don't we!
Of course I may savor such fun and taking one's time for the set-up is a luxury I well do enjoy.
I lulled him and distracted him by being normal for maybe at least 45 minutes before the scare.
Neither of them will ever forget it, I bet!