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Thread: extension cords in pro haunts?

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  1. Default Power cord issues 
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    Aug 2010
    Our company builds several haunted houses in the Denver market. By the book, orange extension cords are only to be used for temporary power situations. If you are building the house just for the season, you can probably talk your inspectors into letting you use them.

    We make a habit of using power strips (the pop fuse kind) on all our power runs. NEVER plug a cord into another cord - the cords can become separated at the point that you plug them together and become a short hazard. There was an earlier comment about running power from one power strip to another, I don't know why that wouldn't be OK power-wise, as both runs have fuses on them and if overloaded, one or both would trip - severing the problem.

    One big issue with the new codes is having a system in place to turn off all your sound and strobe lights in the event of an emergency. We power all our sound and strobes through a single point and when our fire system trips, all those items are shut off and the emergency lighting comes on. That has been really well received by the fire departments - in fact - last year it left the Fire Chief speechless.

    booscare - Denver haunted houses
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    Mar 2010
    They don't want you plugging a power strip into another power strip because it encourages people to plug in more than the circuit or wire can handle. They get kind of particular about that sort of thing.

  3. Default Fire marshall friendly lighting! 
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    Oct 2010
    Arroyo Grande CA
    we have ~30 yrs haunt experience in California, notoriously the worst state in the country for building codes and fire marshals that work for the S.S. In addition to producing haunts I have been a lighting designer in professional theater for many years and would put on quite a lighting show in all the haunts. However the fire marshals hated all the hot, high voltage, dangerous lights both indoors and out. Our solution was the new Ether-Lights system which has been adopted by many haunts this last year as well as many theme parks. It's easy enough that quite literally children who can't operate a TV remote can set lights but versatile enough that theme parks are scooping them up. The greatest thing...in most states anything below 90v doesn't get inspected by the fire marshal. They see one extension cord then from the point of the hub on only low voltage lights that are cool to the touch and go on their merry way. Not only do you massivle cut down on your power distribution needs, get rid of dangerous light fixtures, get a UL listed power supply (the fire marshal loves that), but your show will look better and be easier and faster to set up and modify. If you've got questions about them check out the website and don't hesitate to call with questions.

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