My house is haunted- which I don't mind. Its a peaceful little ghost, and she actually is one of the nicest people in my household considering my family is a bunch of sarcastic mean spirited coots ;P

I was at this forum originally to chat a bit and hopefully promote a halloween cd my company puts out, but I saw this section of the site and just had to comment!

In my teen years I was one of those gothy metalhead kids who thought looking up pictures of corpses and guffawing at the gore was "cool" and made me tough. Faces of Death videos and all that snuff stuff. You know the type. Black collar, and always something artsy to say about death.

When I finally moved into this house, and tried to keep up the habit I suddenly found not only the sense of guilt and petiness that maturity brings, but the physical touch on my shoulder pulling me away from whatever screen I was using. Eventually I got the message. Apparently the ghost(s?) in my house don't like death subjectified.

Even when I am processing evp on my computer or mixing certain soundclips I get that cold touch. I was mixing a song for a band which used clips of Jonbenet Ramsey's parents. I was a bit disturbed myself but they were writing the check. Eventually the events in the house got so bad I had to leave the house and tell the band to go someplace else for that specific track. I was touched, spoken to and (a rare occasion in this household but not unheard of) saw actual manifestations.

You don't need to tell me twice!

I just wanted to share this with someone (; seeing as I rarely get a chance to talk about spooks in my circle of friends. Not because they don't beleive but because most of them get scared. hah.