Gearing up for build day 2010. I got smart this year and organized my help to all come over on a Saturday and get my structure, outer fencing and hallways put up in one day. That'll leave the rest of October to decorate and plan scares. And since it will be 3 covered carports with side walls, everything will stay dry and covered the whole time.
Using pallets again but not as many this time. They add weight and strength to the carports and make cheap walls. I got 40 or 50 free from the back of stores etc... I also know a farmer who sells hay bales for $2 a bale which is really awesome. I use them to hide chainsaw guys in the "barn" I'm using 2 real chainsaws for the final room as you might expect instead of just 1 guy. Setting up a real chain reaction scare if you will.
The theme this year is clowns. I bought fabric at walmart for $1 to $2 a yard and made 10 costumes for my actors and props.
I'm actually hiding the fact it is clowns to keep people from being scared away b4 they even come in.
Gonna take lots of pics and videos along the way to post.