Hey everybody! Hope everyone is hanging in there... I know it's a crazy/exciting/stressful time of year.

In the last couple days, ALOT of haunts have been asking the following questions, so I wanted to post a quick message to help...

Q: Is it too late to setup online and/or onsite ticketing for this season?
A: It's definitely NOT TOO LATE! Your haunt can be setup on TicketLeap and live with ticket sales in 15 minutes... Serious.

Q: What is the cost to the haunt? Upfront costs? Setup fees? How much do you take from each ticket? What's the fine print?
A: TicketLeap is NO COST to the haunter - No setup fees, no contracts, no minimums and nothing is taken from your ticket revenue - Our fee is paid by the buyer.

Q: Is TicketLeap built for mobile use... both for the ticket buyer & the haunt?
A: Yes & yes. Each event on TicketLeap is automatically optimized for smartphone purchasing - A patron can be waiting in your purchase line, go to your ticketing page and buy their ticket via our mobile optimized platform. That same patron will present their mobile confirmation which includes a unique QR code that the haunt can scan for check-in. NO EXPENSIVE WIRELESS SCANNERS NEED TO BE PURCHASED OR RENTED... TicketLeap has developed a free, downloadable smartphone scanning app (currently Android, very soon on iPhone) that the haunt can use for real-time wireless scanning of BOTH paper e-Tickets and mobile purchases.

CLICK HERE to get set up on TicketLeap... But in the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions!

Best of luck to each haunt and their crew - I can hardly imagine how much work haunters invest into their attractions, so I'm wishing that everyone has the KILLER season that they deserve.

Keep it spooky, - Lee