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Thread: Question (good one)

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  1. Default Pictures in a haunt 
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    Nov 2007

    For us we "toyed" and also discussed at a quite lenght with this idea that you speak of .. doing pictures as they go thru the haunt .. much like they do on some roller coasters..

    It just wasnt feasble for the itmes mentioned.. timing.. ammount of people per hour .. etc.. etc.

    Now what I think WOULD potentially work .. is as mentioed if people did a "upgrade" of thier ticket... they would have exclusevly a person possibly following around with either vid cam or still cam .. then they COULD potentially get the pics or the vid if they wanted to at the end of thier experince.. but that woudl have to be a hell of an upgrade of a ticket. Considering the cost it would take to have either a pro or semi pro photographer ( or multiple) goin through you haunt to get the "just right " scare from the patrons on film.

    But this would have to be timmed correclty epsecially if it was still cam pics. .. as as we all know you cant really "time" how long a person is in .. any more than you can say to another potential customer " well you have to wait cause we have a person that wants vid or still shots of them goin through" that COULD potenially kill your customer influx and out flux.

    Good concept, however .. i don't think rationally feasable considering we as haunters want high number of p'eople going through on a given night ...

    Juust my thoughts.

    P.S sorry for the spelling errors .. im dong this in a bit of a rush..

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    Nov 2004
    Cleveland, Ohio
    The IX Center's Terror Tunnel Haunt (2001 I believe, in Cleveland), would sell disks of video clips of you and your group getting scared in the haunt. It was a fun concept and people seemed to like it, but I never saw it used after that.
    Katie Lane
    Raven's Wolf Art Productions (www.ravens-wolf.com)

    Bansheette Morningstar (www.bansheette.com)

  3. Default Pictures 
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    Apr 2006
    Rye, New York
    If anyone still cares, we do it and do it successfully. Let me know.

  4. Default  
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    May 2007
    Columbia, SC
    Okay. I have officially seen haunt pics taken successfully!!! Last weekend, some friends and I went to a local amusement park that hosts a halloween event every year. One of their mazes had a movie theater theme and I noticed from the que line that they were selling your pics from inside the attraction. Long story short, I tried for the life of me to figure out where they were taking the pics and it wasn't until they let my group in that I saw...

    ...they have a group of four line up for a "posed" picture in front of a red curtain/theater background. They take the picture as normal and as soon as the pic is taken, they blast you with air and noise in hopes that your group looks terrified and they snap another picture. Upon exiting the attraction, you have the option to purchase either or both prints in the form of standard 8x10's, wallets, etc or a key chain. I bought the key chain because it was most practical for a pic like that and it was one for $8 or two for $10 so I gave one to a friend.

    <--- there you have it. a successful haunt pic taken!!! (I MIGHT have to implement this one too)
    O'Shawn McClendon
    Creative Chair -- Operator: Cayce-West Columbia Hall of Horrors

    One mans junk is another mans kick-ass new prop...






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