Lord Zargon thanks Bloodview Haunted House and Carnival of Horrors

October 8, 2010

My Darkest Fiends:

Gather close to me, dear ones, as I tell you of the ghastly goings-on at Bloodview Haunted House in Broadview Heights, Ohio. On Friday, October the 1st a brilliant moon soared through a star-filled sky while creatures never seen before emerged from their lairs. My thanks, as always, goes to the Broadview Heights Lions club, producer of Bloodview.

Saturday the 2nd found me trodding the wooded hills and gullies that make up Carnival of Horrors in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. As a steady drizzle fell throughout the evening, the shrieks and moans of the damned wafted through the high trees. Producer Ryan Pluta has my gratitude.

Yours in blood,