As a late tour exited the house (which had some drunken, obnoxious types in the group) they were walking passed the next group about to enter the house and could not resist the temptation to once again be azz-holes (or attempted azz-holes?) They began telling the next customers how "Terrible" my place is/was, to them.
Guess what? They chose to do this to The Wrong Group! These people had purposely waited a long time just for my last house tour of this busy Saturday night because they are all big fans of mine and this house!
As I understand it my fans just "Booed" THEM down! HAHAHAHAH!
and we all had alot of fun as my fans went through the house because a really receptive audience that appreciates you does stimulate a better, wackier amount of pure energy coming from me.
When they notice every small nuiance, hang on every word and respond so positively..,,.. well, could it ever get any better?
A larger percentage of what I say does then arrive from ad-lib world!!

...and last night was the second time in all the 23 years I have had this house that a Mother brought her infant through and decided to nurse the child at the same time!?
What was she trying to do? Start a milk riot or something?
We show them the inclusive warning signs as provided from Hauntworld, now we have to add "Don't nurse your baby here!?" Very strange. P.T. Barnum was credited as saying:"A Sucker is born every minute."
The newborn might be a sucker but we couldn't sell him anything ..for some reason.
Maybe I misunderstood P.T.?