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Thread: the 2010 season Haunt actor stories

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  1. Default the 2010 season Haunt actor stories 
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    Nov 2009
    Valley AL
    Well midway into the season I figure it is time to share some of the funny things you have seen at your haunts or annoying things.

    For us this year I will start off with the Annoying We had one 9 year old come through that was so foul mouthed he would have made sailors blush.
    We scared him but the cussing was not a reaction to this because afterwards he was cussing out the actors. HE was ejected and banned from coming back.

    Annoying story number 2. We had another youngster sneak in an Air horn which was kind of funny as well because when I came out of my cage section for the big push forward of a scare he was running screaming and honking the airhorn at the same time. The airhorn was finally stolen away from him and he was told he could get it back at the front.

    I had a small group that was trying to predict my scare They stayed in my scene and I just waited until I say his guard drop where he thought I must be a prop. When my hand hit the wall and I started my lines he nearly jumped over the other two patrons heads.

    We tell people not to run in our haunt and for good reason we are outdoors and the trail they are on is not what I call a good idea to run on. Regardless of this fact I would have sworn we had a track and field team come through this past weekend.
    As soon as they see the door where I am standing they take off running most got through before I could even finish my line. We had one group that made it through the entire trail in record time and the whole cast was out of breath by the time they came through trying to speed up lines and scares.

    One ouch moment this year there is a section with 2 90 degree turns one right after the other where my partner scares them on the first side and I get them on the second. this poor girl's flight reflex was so strong she ran right into the corner.

    Alot of scares and alot of bruises and sore muscles for us but all worth it.
    So how has your season been so far?
    Proud to be able to work at

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    Oct 2007
    Well, im a slider at a local screampark at the LA county fairgrounds.

    The best types of scares ive got this year, or any year for that matter. Is when you have the tough "gangsters" walking with there chola cakeface girlfriends.

    Just this last weekend i got a whole group of them walking around, ran and slid and jumped up right in front of a couple like the one described above. i have a puppet that i hang from around my neck, which ill get to later. But anyways, the guy jumped a good 3 feet backwards, and then tried to play it off in front of his girlfriend.

    He started yelling at me trying to be a hardass saying "shoot you aint got me, i was jus playin homie."

    I responded with "OH DONT ACT LIKE I DIDNT GET YOU!" and he starts saying the usual gangster bullshit saying hes going to go get his homies to jump me.

    I replied with, "go ahead and get them, and while youre at it, keep your girlfriend off my yard, and ill keep my yard off of her."

    He didnt know what to say after that, so i just told him to "go away until you have some better comebacks, youre too easy to pick on, with your flat brimmed hat."

    But those types of scares are my favorite, we just started last weekend, so thats the best ive had so far. Except for many, many stoires like yours above with immature little kids trying to show off for there friends.

    good times,

  3. Default the year of the smart ass... 
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    Aug 2003
    Middletown, OH
    I have noticed an over abundance of mouthy patrons this seasons. My tactic... I become an even bigger smart mouth, twisting everything they say....( I've only been stumped twice so far)...

    I have also noticed a lot of "jocks" hiding behind their girlfriends. I of course call them out on it, make them look like a chicken in front of their buddies.

    3 weeks into the season my presonal total;
    - 2 pissers
    -1 crapper
    - several frozen with fear
    - countless hauling ass to get the hell away from me

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    Jun 2008
    San Diego, Clairemont
    Being a line worker dealing with HUGE crowds. I definetly get some great scares, but naturally the customers are very cocky in the line and rude because they are surounded by friends and feel safe. My favorite this year though, is this probably 20 year old athletic young man, just being generally foul and rude. I am tall and quite thin, about 6'6 and 180 pounds. Not thick by any means. I was a head taller than him, I was lurking by him because I had to get outside to shake up the patrons out there. But he goes "Are you kidding me?! Whos this clown? This place isn't gunna be scary at all of this !#%@#% is the standard!" I stopped dead in my tracks.
    Customers can say whatever they want to me. Usually I brush it off, or snap back and make them feel silly/stupid infront of their friends. But not that I'm not scary. It's personal then.
    I stopped immediately and turned to face him and assumed my full height. At this he goes "Ooooh, big scary mans got hurt feelings" So i just shake my head, smile big. And stare at him, then walk towards him cracking my neck as I go. He says something then falters, I get to the rope boundary that defines the line. And his smile comes back going "Oooh scary" And in a heartbeat I am under the rope. I dunno what it was, I guess that was his last line of defense because as soon as he saw that I could get to him. He screamed and took off.
    Naturally I gave chase, its instinct now. He ended up being a pisser.
    One of my favorites this season.

  5. Default  
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    May 2006
    HMMMMMM, I like this thread.

    Well as a first time actor I gots lots to tell. I work in a room where it is very foggy and can't quite see where exactly to go. There is also green lasers covering part of the ground.

    The scare was originally meant to be a monster leaping out from under the lasers. However the first few groups on opening night ducked under the light and saw me. Still got a few scares but I decided to change it. I had knee pads on and some gloves, so I decided to try some sliding in the room.

    One of the groups walked in and some macho guy was like, "Oh I bet he is under the lasers." So he ducked down and looked for me. I wasn't in my usual spot but round the corner. When he went to stand back up, I ran and slid under the lasers and got right in front of him. He jumped and fell, his group screamed I lolled and that tactic stuck.

    Then there was a slow night and this couple came in. The boyfriend was behind her, as an aside that still baffles me why the guy pushes the girl first, anywho I came out and did my scare. She started screaming and turned the other direction wanting out. The boyfriend however kept picking her up and moving her forward. I felt like a butt when I continued to scare them until they were out of my room, but hey you get what you pay for.

    I also love scaring the jock boyfriends who congratulate and give praise for scaring their Gals. They jump hirer then their girlfriends heh.

    One thing that I find annoying is that in my room it apparently looks like an Usher music video. The fact I hear that comment at least fifty times a night gets old. Then of course you got the cougher who over exaggerate a cough blaming it on the light haze in the room. Then! There are the groups that come in and see the lasers and start dancing like it is a club… REALLY? How can you dance to our musical soundtrack for the house blaring!

    Though in addition to the dance thing, I did get a greet scare when a group of like five came in and were dancing in the fog and lasers. I decided to cut in and start dancing like they were as well. Then I yelled loudly next to the closest person near me, "It's nice to dance before you die." Or something like that, it really didn't matter though cause they screamed and the rest of the group screamed and scrambled out of the room with me chasing.

    On that note, I am off to go scare the Sunday crowd!

    *Honks his horn and waves a cane*

    Get out of my way Grandma! Damn Sunday drivers....

  6. Default Learn to "Hang In There!" 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    Don't become discouraged when some customers seem hyper-critical or demeaning. I recently heard what sure sounded like very critical comments concerning almost everything they saw here or assumed was about to take place only to then hear them make very complimentary remarks just a few seconds or minutes later. Yes, this did strike me as odd.
    I scared their "Macho-Man" with a totally unadorned common wig-head, maybe this won his relatives over to my side? They enjoyed seeing his reaction.
    Yes, these people were older people who probably never go to a haunt, quick to judge but flexible enough to appreciate the same thing a moment later.
    They had alot of laughs and mental stimulation from my peculair mix of what I have and do here.
    Ravens Grin is a tourist attraction, open year-round and many call it a "Fun House", yet I have quite a collection of extreme screams on tapes, all generated right here...and the house has it's supernatural aspects too..like the original definition of "Haunted House".

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