Well midway into the season I figure it is time to share some of the funny things you have seen at your haunts or annoying things.

For us this year I will start off with the Annoying We had one 9 year old come through that was so foul mouthed he would have made sailors blush.
We scared him but the cussing was not a reaction to this because afterwards he was cussing out the actors. HE was ejected and banned from coming back.

Annoying story number 2. We had another youngster sneak in an Air horn which was kind of funny as well because when I came out of my cage section for the big push forward of a scare he was running screaming and honking the airhorn at the same time. The airhorn was finally stolen away from him and he was told he could get it back at the front.

I had a small group that was trying to predict my scare They stayed in my scene and I just waited until I say his guard drop where he thought I must be a prop. When my hand hit the wall and I started my lines he nearly jumped over the other two patrons heads.

We tell people not to run in our haunt and for good reason we are outdoors and the trail they are on is not what I call a good idea to run on. Regardless of this fact I would have sworn we had a track and field team come through this past weekend.
As soon as they see the door where I am standing they take off running most got through before I could even finish my line. We had one group that made it through the entire trail in record time and the whole cast was out of breath by the time they came through trying to speed up lines and scares.

One ouch moment this year there is a section with 2 90 degree turns one right after the other where my partner scares them on the first side and I get them on the second. this poor girl's flight reflex was so strong she ran right into the corner.

Alot of scares and alot of bruises and sore muscles for us but all worth it.
So how has your season been so far?