A bus with almost ALL senior citizens arrived here at 11 this morning (they paid in advance)
The first group were very elderly and feeble and not really too "happy" to be here.
The remaining three groups were much more fun and appreciatve with some really nice smiles, laughs and compliments.
When I got absolutely no "volunteers" for one little deal I invented a whole new way of approaching this problem with hysterical results! (Using the same old equiptment/prop.)
Yes "Necessity is the Mother of Invention!"
In "season" doing so many routines I do become inspired and stumble upon new ways of doing things..which keeps "Jim" from becoming bored!
One woman took a picture of my two male helpers, in costume and naturally hairy while saying she would show her friends at home the picture and tell them she just got a new boyfriend!
As their bus was reloaded and about to drive away, I boarded the bus and using the microphone system thanked them all for being here today but added, "We will have to frisk everyone before you leave, somebody stole our ghost!"

Next week the Bus Co. will be returning .
Here we go again! Fun! Fun! Fun!