Hello my fellow haunters! Yes it's moi again! This time, Ive got to make myself into a zombie. The only problem is, its for a new haunt on short notice, so I don't really have their mindset figured out 100% yet. I'm no tmuch of a mask guy, especially since most in my price range aren't that great. I'm really good with makeup, so I'll probably do the usual trickery: tissue paper, oat meal, gelatin, the usuals.

I've got some character ideas in mind. Since I'm still a theatre actor at heart, I like th eidea of being a man bitten by a zombie who, as I'm trying to help the people, finally turns on them.

But nows the real question...how to act like a zombie? What's more effective: the traditional "slow" zombie, or the modern quick one? Any suggestions on characters, makeup, walk, demenor, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again guys you rock!