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Thread: Entrance 'green light'

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  1. Default Entrance 'green light' 
    Hi Ghouls,
    Didn't know what to call this, but what I'm looking for is a small device I can operate remotely that can signal the greeter person at the haunt entrance that she or he can let the next group of guests in. I am busy in the control room and when the guests get past a certain gate in the haunt I want to be able to signal the 'green light' to the person at the entrance....if that makes any sense. Last time I tried using one of those remote activated halloween sound devices which I had lying around but the problem was it started going off spontaneously and we got a flood of guests entering when we weren't prepared! So a friend of mine had a pair of 2-way hand-held devices but these were very cumbersome. I need something very simple and inexpensive. Any ideas?

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    May 2008
    Fort Pierce Fl
    I been thinking the same thing for the last 2 days.......If I couldnt come up with something..well my ideal was too easy just run a elec cord from my control tower to my greeter and plug it in when ready.... light on let them in then unplug...but hopefully someone has a better ideal.....

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    We used a remote controlled plug in a few years ago. You plug your light or whatever you want to turn on into a little receiver, then plug the receiver in. Then, all you have to do is hit the ON button on the remote and wa-la!

    I believe we got it at Walmart a few years ago, but you may be able to find one around this time. I think it's main intention was for Christmas light displays.

    Another option is getting one of those green extension cords with 9 outlets (in sets of 3) with those little clicky switches. You may have to run another extension cord off of that considering they aren't very long, but that should do the trick!

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    The remotes are all over now for christmas decorations. I have also used a baby monitor in situations where a sound que is needed. A simple string and a few eye hook can make a good signal if a subtle waving something would work.
    It would also be super simple to put a LED light on a door bell switch or a regular light switch.
    I hope that helps,
    Allen H

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