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Thread: Actors cell phone ya or na

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  1. Default Actors cell phone ya or na 
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    Aug 2005
    Henrietta NY
    have come to a problem. what does everyone do about actors having cell phones? we let them use them for texting problems and emergencies to our people in charge. but they are using them for other things. selfies videos texting other actors. What do all of you do handle this problem?
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    Apr 2014
    Holdrege Ne
    I run a smaller haunt so I have 1 or 2 actors per section/floor with a cell phone for emergencies and problems. Everyone else is to lock their cell phones up.

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    Mar 2012
    I think the days of expecting people to not have their cellphones easily available are gone. So I don't fight it. What I do is frequently monitor the actors with different kinds of support staff: owner (me), actor supervisors, and runners (for things like water and aspirin). I try not to let any actor or group of actors go more than 30 minutes without being monitored or checked on. It would be easier if we were indoor with surveillance cameras. When we catch them doing anything unwanted... we just ask politely to refrain. If they repeat we take more time to explain how important it is to stay in character.

    Honestly, the busier we are, the less a problem it is. It's only when we use to have slow nights that actors would get bored and look for mental stimulation. When we're rockin', they tend to stay focused on the job.

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    NO YOU SHOULD NOT allow them to bring into their scenes. Larry

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    Jan 2015
    Quote Originally Posted by drfrightner View Post
    NO YOU SHOULD NOT allow them to bring into their scenes. Larry
    100% agree. In my opinion, for my smaller haunt, if I have an actor that can't live for a few hours without their phone, I need a better dedicated actor.
    Here's what we are doing. Everyone that acts for us, will have an emergency number they can give to their family etc in case of an emergency they can call our operator and will get through that way. In my opinion, we have to think about all the DANGERS and risks that could come from an immature actor having cell phones, with cameras, recorders etc, some with night vision etc. Whether it be from calling in a friend to hang with them in the scene(s), to doing other, possibly perverted acts with the equipment.

    One year a few years ago. We had a few actors leave. They got a call to come to a party. Left the haunt, with costumes and props. They left 2 scenes actorless and we didn't catch it for at least half an hour. They were icon characters (doubles but still had important scenes to be completing)
    Due to that phone call, we lost $100's in gear etc, forcing us to scramble to get the two scenes taken care of.

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