I just wanted to inform you that it gets pretty quite this time of the year for home haunters.

I do however like your ideas and questions, the more you do to cover yourself from the safety part, the better you will be.

I am a 10 year home haunter veteran, and I can share some of what I do on Halloween. I do not have a "walk through" type haunt. It's more of a large yard display with a few live actors to give small scares.

I decerate the entire yard with my props, and the only way up to the door is the driveway. The driveway has LITTLE to NO props on it so that all the kids stay safe. I aslo have the larger part of the yard roped off so that no kids can go into the decerated area.

Yes the scares are not "big", but it's enough to keep the kids happy and safe. This for me is all that matters.

Mr. Haunt