Asked the A) Teacher B) PSychologist C) Preacher.
"Well , I sure don't see the thing in the dot picture that everyone else in the class sees."
"Ink blot"? No, it's a cooking kettle , there's the fire whipping around under it, there is the man in the pot, there are the two Ubangi natives with plates in their lips stewing him."
"WHAT!!?" His head spins around to look at this ink blot.
"Nobody has ever seen that before!"
I take my finger and point to each item as I see it in the ink blot.
"You are right!" He says.
"Skulls mean Death." Said the Baptist preacher, former artist and art gallery employee.
"So you shouldn't use such an image, it also means "Poison". (I know)
"Without a skull our heads would be the original floppy-discs, mush, jello, I propose to you that God created our skulls to make is non-jellyfish and be able to handle solid earth's gravity better, and it's really quite a magnificient design."-Jim said.

Someone threw a rubbery nose/bumper piece to a small Chrysler car in my yard..I "see" a large shark mouth, surrounded by two squinty eyes.
Wal-Mart sold a $1.75 black plastic Witches kerttle...which to me looks like an old-style deep-sea diver's round steel it begins.
Put these two together............
Of course to feel like you are worth anything, you must turn off the brain from creating new "What-Ifs' and actually put things together physically...once & awhile.