Hey everybody my name is Brian. I just wanted to introduce myself and the haunted house I did this past Halloween weekend, The Dark Carnival. This is a home haunt in Eatontown, NJ that takes place in my garage, a room off of it, and my backyard. This is our 6th almost annual haunt, we’ve been alternating off and on the past 4 years since I’ve been busy with college.

You can find links to our Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Youtube there.

Here is a video of the haunt. A detailed description and some pictures follow below.

This year’s theme essentially was a combination of carnival, circus, and sideshow elements.

Out front we had a carnival barker with an LCD head. The screen played a loop off of a laptop of the barker enticing patrons to come in.

To start off you entered the funhouse through the garage door opening which I have modified to create a normal door while still maintaining the ability to open and close the garage door, which required a swinging wall. The first hallway consisted of several small clown paintings and two posters, one of which is a drop panel, the other which is a picture we’ve used in the past two haunts, clowned up for the occasion.

After the next bend is the “hall of mirrors.” This had walls covered in tin foil, a large mirror on either side, and two swinging doors with mirrors on them. The hallway was lit with strobe lights and has a buzzer sound effect.

Once through the swinging doors a turn to the left put you into the L shaped dotted hallway, with glowing strings hanging as well.

A U-Turn to the right took you into the vortex room. This consisted of a disco ball, wind (fan), and a large tv with a wacky spinning wheel.

A turn to the right put you in front of a stretchy wall lit with a laser light, creating a cool depth effect.

Going around this wall put you at the exit to the garage into the gypsy’s corner, where she creepily warned guests.

Going through a set of curtains led to our show area, where our great magician sawed someone in half. A programmed light sequence, soundtrack, and dropping curtain really bring this room to life.

The conclusion of the show queued the outdoor carnival portion of our haunt. As you exited the house the first area you entered had a picnic table of creepy “finger” food to the left, with a glowing grill to the right, and a cotton candy tent/wall straight ahead (surprisingly one of the best scares). There was also a little girl doll holding a balloon to the right who cried via a mat hidden under the hay.

Next we came to the ticket booth where Scabs the clown talked to guests via wireless microphone.

The first game tent was balloon darts, where a balloon was inflated to it’s popping point from behind using an air compressor.

The next tent contained a tin can alley type game for scenery.

To the left was a high striker pole, complete with a bell on top.

Walking around the trampoline, which has become the bounce house where a clown has unfortunately hung himself while bouncing.

The entrance to the woods brought us to Camp Clown, where all the clowns staked their tents up for the event. Balloon lined rope guided guests through this wooded loop.

After the woods we entered our final run with large black plastic on one side and plenty of short trees for hiding on the other side. Once guests reach a certain point an actor on a zip line flew over their heads.

Amazed, not for long, as a chainsaw wielding carnie quickly escorted guests through the exit path.

Here is a group picture of our cast.

Please let me know your thoughts and questions. Thanks!