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Thread: Hired Volunteers?

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  1. Default Hired Volunteers? 
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    Jan 2007
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    We have thought about bringing people on as volunteers with the options of being paid if we met our quota of visitors for the year, that way if we don't meet quota then they will understand, but if we do meet quota then they will all receive checks when they were not expecting it. Do any of you think that could be something would work.

    If we showed the "Volunteers" that the numbers are not as high as we need then maybe they would help advertise with word of mouth to help the numbers so they can potentially get a "bonus".

    We have limited funds and are trying to find an area that could be potential cost savings. What do you all think?


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    Nightgore Guest

    In Kelly's (Raycliff Manor) he talks about this exactly... I would post a little from the book, but I don't want to infringe on anything... I'll just leave that to Kelly.

    But I will say that having stuff for your volunteers like soda, pizza/snacks, cough drops, it will make your crew feel like you appreciate them more than the average joe!

    KELLY! -Tyler

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    Jan 2007
    I agree with Tyler on this 100%. However if all goes as planned for my haunt, I plan on going the same way that you are asking.

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    When it comes to hired help you always hope that you get what you paid for..but then if you don't pay them at all? You still might be getting what you paid for!
    I have had people working for me that had to be in certain places in the house for the patron's safety, yet they left in the middle of us being very busy and never told anyone that they were leaving!!!
    Yes, this was a paid helper, paid pretty well too!
    It has always amazed me how little I ask of many helpers here and yet they can't do it, can't do it for even short time periods.
    So I thought the problem was that they were getting bored. So I made several stations and different jobs for them to trade off with one another, then I heard complaints it was too hard or they just didn't want to.
    The best was a young girl my ex had hired , worked here three seasons, then was sorry to inform me that it got boring BUT she was going to move to Florida and work for her Grandmother in her business and "That will never get boring!"
    "What will you be doing ?"
    "Sorry to tell you this girl but almost anything that a human will ever find to do will eventually get boring" (if you let it!)
    " Bookkeeping?"
    Counting other people's money, no, that could never get tiresome.

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    Jun 2006
    Cincinnati Ohio
    myself I wouldnt even mention money if you are going to hire them on as vollunteers. They will be expecting it and when they dont get it they will B!@#@ and complain so what I would do is at the end of the year hold a party. IF you made enough and you so feel to pay them then give it to them as a thankyou. Because the ones at the party are most likely to come back to you. Also you dont want to pay these actors that leave before your last night do you. That alone will suck up all the money. Divid it up between the remaining actors that show up to the party. That way every one that shows up will get a even share. Does this make sense?
    5 years in the business and still ticking
    Ive been through HELL on Earth. What can you do?

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    ..and as their "employer" be sure to hint to several employees showing up to the "party" that you are expecting a nice, expensive gift from them all.
    Think about it. If you have 25 of them at the party and everyone just pitches in $20 , that's $500.oo!! They can buy you something Really nice for $500.oo!
    Expect good things in life and they will happen.
    It's lonely at the top.
    (Gee, I wonder why?)

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    Aug 2003
    The word for the day is NPD. Check it out.

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    Jun 2005
    At The End Of A Long Forgotten Trail in Melrose, Fl.
    Last year we had food and drinks (nonachol) and had tee shirts made for them. All their names were put into a drawing and gift cards were handed out, the largest being $150.00, everyone got something. We are going to do this again this year.
    Giving People The Chills Since 2005


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    Nightgore Guest
    ^ That's sounds like a really cool idea... Hell, I'd volunteer! -Tyler

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    Raycliff Manor Guest
    Payroll is now one of our highest financial "liabilities", but I hate to use the word liabilities because our greatest assets are our Fright Team members and they deserve every bit of the pay they get. When we started the haunted attraction venture, we actually got a group of people together and let them know that the compensation was going to be directly relative to the success of the business. We worked very hard that year to under promise and over deliver. This is a philosophy we live by. We were very fortunate in that everyone was actually able to be paid, including their bonuses, above minimum wage from year one! Jim is right when he says, "you get what you pay for". We only work with individuals 18 years or older and everyone is compensated financially and given a whole lot of added incentives, such as parties, prizes, trophies, t-shirts, snacks and beverages while operating, etc. We really have developed one big family. For our Spring Break event, we have almost 100 % return Fright Team members. Only 5 of the team members for this event are new.

    We've learned a lot over the past several years and we still have a long way to go. If there is some advice you should heed when considering operating a professional haunted attraction, consult with your CPA and get some legal counsel regarding the employment laws specific to your area. Advice on how to pay your actors, security and makeup artists, again is specific to your area and you need to make sure it really is professional advice. :wink:


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