Well heres a thought i am going to throw out to the wind and see how you guys respond. At first i thought the idea was absolutley insane until i approached our crew with it and they agreed because of all the legality's they have seen us go through due to a few younger actors that tried to demand payment for the whole season and they really only worked a few days.

The labor board was called on us twice and both times we had to hire a lawyer to sort it out,in the end we were correct and they got Nada but we paid for the lawyer fees anyhow.

The plan!

Each season a ten dollar fee is collected for each actor if they want to work for the haunt.

For that ten dollars we would bring in or do a lot on our own seminars.

Teach them characterization and make up skills so it would be considered a school,therefore we wouldn't owe them anything but would reimburse them their ten dollars at seasons end. As part of the schooling working their charcater at the haunt would be part of the schooling as well.

Therefore their paying you to work at your haunt and being considered a school or a class that they want to attend would totally nulify any employment obligations what so ever.

They are taking home very valuable knowledge that in almost all cases would otherwise cost them a fortune to attend at an actual make up school such as Tom Savini's. Is it going to be the same quality,no but hey were only charging ten bucks. Toms charging thousands!

And of course we have insurance, who would be crazy enough not to!