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Thread: Buildings

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanybell View Post
    Try Loopnet.com . There you can find rentals as well as for sale units around the country. They list everything from churches (special interest listings) to schools as well large and small buildings.
    Good luck
    Loopnet.com worked well for us. I would recommend starting there as well.

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    Thanks for everybody's help. I just checked out loopnet.com and they have a few properties that look appealing. Lets just hope the owners have an open mind...lol

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    You're right about the rules being a bit more "relaxed" with an outdoor venue. Unfortunately, my home town (Bensalem, Pa.) is also a ball buster with that concept as well but, if I do find a suitable outdoor location, I'll pursue it and see if I can figure out a way of making it work. Weather is an obvious issue. We just have to make sure there are ways of protecting certain props/animatronics when the situation arises.

    Before you do anything, research the rules and regulations in the areas where you are searching for a spot to setup your attraction(s). Get acquainted with the local officials. You should also check with the local business operators and ask if they'll share their experiences when it comes to regulations and setting up a new enterprise. And it can be any type of business; movie theaters, restaurants, industrial spaces, hotels, places of worship, etc. Nothing can replace personal experience but this will help to give you a better perspective of what to expect from your local officials.

    Check with your state for regulations adopted at that level. Then request the local regulations or for some kind of guidance. Something they refused to do in my home town but most areas are much more business friendly than Bensalem, Pa.


    "Follow the Bloody Brick Road to Nightmare Village"

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheCareTaker View Post
    just want to add this! i recently purchased 3 53' trailers! no not for a trailer haunt but for storage and such. i am activly filling one with panel making parts such as ply, 2x, props, paints, and such items that we all know and use. i will be constructing wall panels this spring painting half flat black and half flat white. i got the trailers for $1,500 each so i am not all that far out of pocket. it cost me $60.00 each plus fuel to move them by a friend! the only thing i did not think of well yes i did but i kinda was playing the cards was transport road cost! two trailers made it no issues but one got pulled over and it cost me an extra 350.00 in fines. over all i am happy and with plenty of room for a great start. just remember to check for water damage on the inside and for tire tread, break compresion which can be done by hooking an air compreser up tot he lines. other than that make sure to check on transport fees or hiyway fees for a one time move. there is no need to register the trailers with curent tags if you will not be regularly moving them around.
    best of luck
    do you own the land where you park them? If you don't do you pay rent for space in an industrial zoned area to park them? thanks.

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