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Thread: Obtaining Sponsors

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    We create really nice sponsorship kits then try to figure out target companies who target same audience as we do. However I must say we have put a lot less focus on finding sponsors because times have really changed... having a zillion places to put your coupons isn't as important anymore now that most of all coupons we get back now are from our website.


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    Sent it out to everyone who's asked recently. And Larry and RJ, you guys make great points. I don't want anyone to think that I am guaranteeing any sponsors, feel free to ask me more personal and specific questions. My little "document" is a short, simple, and easy to read list. It is NOT the complete idiots guide to obtaining sponsors, if you'd like more help feel free to pry and bother me as much as you'd like. =)

    I may be an 18 year old Halloween geek but I have already managed at a separate attraction, and created my very infamous 1 day haunt in May at the Relay for Life at my college (Southern CT State University) which is entirely set-up, decorated, inspected, and running for one day for about 8 hours but manages to pull in a very nice chunk of change for charity. If you'd like to know more, or make a donation of new or used props/costumes/whatever please feel free to contact me at any time.

    Here's what has been sent out to half the people on here since I first offered my little advice, so read this, it'll save you an email and time in waiting for me to send it to you.

    "Bobby Arel’s Tips-n-Tricks to Obtain Sponsors!

    1- Be Professional!
    You are asking for someone else’s money or product! Look like you know what you’re doing. Proof read and spell check EVERYTHING. One mistake can cost you big, especially with corporate sponsors.

    2- Create A Professional Signature!
    Here’s a template, FOLLOW IT.

    Your Real Name
    Owner, Such and Such Haunted House
    Owner, Your Company
    (123) 333-6666

    There’s no better way to convince people to donate to your attraction than telling them it is to benefit a charitable organization! Even if you are first starting off and in debt up to your eye balls or risking everything on this investment, you should highly consider sponsoring a charity. Typically, you can agree to a minimum $1000 donation or 7-10%, whichever is greater. This will provide you with my next tip.

    Sponsoring a charity will provide you with their tax ID number. This is an extremely powerful thing to have. Your sponsors need to know that you have this, so that they can claim their donation. This number allows your sponsors to sort of be “reimbursed” by the government for their donation, by receiving a tax break that is usually equal to the amount they donated.

    6-Offer Advertising
    In addition to being able to claim their donation, your sponsor is also going to want to let the public know that they are assisting in your efforts to raise money for your charity. Do not wait for them to ask for it, be bold, offer it when you ask for their sponsorship. Tell them that you want to advertise for their company and that by helping you out they will receive not only the tax break, but gain a larger clientele and improve or maintain the positive way in which the public views them.

    7-DO NOT BE SHY!
    Ask EVERYONE! Do not back down; do not say to yourself “nah…these people will never donate”. You need to be on you’re A game and ask every local business, vendor, energy drink company, retailer, or business you come across. You never know who might just say yes, and the worst that could happen is they say no. You aren’t losing money by asking, so just do it.

    That’s it for this quick, down and dirty guide on how to obtain sponsors for your attraction! I hope I was helpful, and should you be interested in donating/sponsoring my attraction where 100% of all ticket sales go directly to the American Cancer Society (thanks to super incredible people such as you!), please contact me at bobbyarel@gmail.com or (203) 988-2440

    Thank you for reading this article, I wish you the best of luck this upcoming season! If you have any other questions for me just ask!

    Bobby Arel

    (P.S- I WAS A PERSON OF THE WEEK! WOO!! Check it out! http://www.theday.com/article/201010...own=East-Haven )"

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