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Thread: IAHA, HHA, HAA Questions:

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    Nov 2003
    Hey Larry why can't we start a new HAA and run our own tradeshow? Just saying your right we have the people in this industry with the right tools to put on our know show so we should. This show wouldn't hurt there own shows because there would be your main buying show and the rest of the shows could work between them selfs to spread out throughout the year and be used as show focusing more on Ed classes, meet and greets, and forums for addressing industry topics. Companies could still go to those shows if they wish, but mostly they could be used as regional meeting spots.

    I feel your right that if this type of frame work could be layout we could win back alot of haunters that have shied away in the past. People and vendors would feel more comfortable putting there money out if they knew it was being used to found new projects and causes that are hurting a large percent of the haunt population, like codes and regulations.

    Just talking out my ass, and living in a perfect world


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    Aug 2003
    St. Louis, MO
    Let me tell you FLAT OUT no association for our industry will EVER be worth much without MONEY and TONS of money and then on top of that the RIGHT people running it who are not doing this or that for personal greed, self promotion, or whatever. IAHA has been FULL of the before mentioned... IAHA was a complete failure.

    HHA was a success when you consider what was done in a short period on top of the fact that IAHA paniced and changed everything like over night what they wouldn't change for 10 years prior!

    Now you will merge the two but I'm sorry to say hardly anyone will join, because its pointless ... for our industry an association just isn't in demand by the industry because things are cruising along with or without one. Until a haunt association makes or should I say FORCES the industry to make them important it will be ignored.

    To do that the road map includes running your own tradeshow for the benefit of the industry, association, buyers, vendors, the whole nine.

    But with Transworld doing such a good job now, and you still have MHC, Hauntcon and a host of others, where does one fit in? It doesn't. Can't start a magazine because there is hardly enough money out there now to support hardly one if not any.

    It will just kind of exist nothing more nothing less.

    When Transworld was not giving the haunt industry the fair shake it deserved there was a call for one run by the industry, that was the window, that was the crack of light, and now TW is really focused on the industry and doing a great job.

    I just don't see a need for another show. Not to mention there is really only a handful of people in this industry that could even put it together, or be the force behind organizing it and I think most if not all of those people at this time have no interest. You don't break something that is working.

    That isn't to say they couldn't do one like Hauntcon type of deal but that will making certain others upset I would imagine. I don't think it will happen


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    Apr 2011
    Winter Springs, FL
    I got a really cool tote-bag from IAHA a couple of years ago. I use it all the time. Just sayin.
    Michael Inks
    Geist Entertainment, Inc.
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    "If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney

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