We're a second year haunt trying toamp up our acting skills. We're located in a rural area with little or no experienced actors to pull from. Last year we did fairly well with our pool of actors, but would like to increase the scares.

My thought is to develop character profiles for everyone. So instead of just saying "You are going to be an evil clown tonight. " we would be saying something to the effect of "Tonight you are playing Garbonzo the clown. She is the most viscious of all of the clowns and hates it when people invade her space. She had polio when she was a child and suffers a dead left leg. Due to the constant taunting of a childhood classmate with red hair, she had developed an extreme hatred of redheads and will go berzerk upon seeing them"

I'm hoping that this might give our actors a little more basis to build thier characters upon. It seemed like last year we had a lot of run-of-the-mill characters.

As actors, do you think this would be helpful? Especially with newer actors?