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Thread: How to rust metal!

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  1. Default How to rust metal! 
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    May 2010
    Sweet Home Alabama
    I needed some rusted chains for a costume im working on. unfortunately lowes doesnt sell rusted chains so i found some really heavy duty chain for $2.27 a foot. if you soak the chains in a vinegar soak over night followed by a salt water soak the next night when you leave them to sit out they will rust in just a few days. spraying them with water periodicly (spelling) will speed it up.

    the longer you leave it in the vinegar the more rust will be formed. i left it just over night and it started getting spots all over where it had begun. it also doesnt matter what kind of vinegar i used a mix of this red vinegar and balsamic and it worked very well (smelled awful though).

    so far its worked very well and im pretty sure from what i was told it will work on any metal. gives it a real rust and works very well so far. will post pics soon!

  2. Default How to rust metal 
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    May 2005
    Middletown, DE
    you can use muriatic acid. Home Depot or local hardware stores carry it. it's used by masons, tile setters or for cleaning swimming pools, great for cleaning stone and brick not so good for metal, very corrosive with metal.
    either dip it or spray it with a squirt bottle, wash it off well when you have your desired look.

    CAUTION! wear gloves, protective eyewear, mask and use only outdoors. very bad fumes.

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    Jan 2010
    Cleveland Ohio
    Then there is also the commercial "kits" you can buy to do all sorts of metal effects. Usually there will be a primer, metal infused paint, patina activator, then sealer. It can get rather expensive though. Most of them work very well though as that is what they are specifically designed to do.

    Of course you can also fake it with rust colored paints and a little bit of sand for course spots.

    Mike "Pogo" Hach
    -Mike "Pogo" Hach

  4. Default Rusty Chain Prop-cheap! 
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    Mar 2011
    Buffalo, NY
    This is kind of an older post, but the rusty chain idea is great. That's awesome that you found a quick way to make it rust as well.

    If you're looking to use it as part of a costume and/or wrapped around an actor, etc I found a great rusty chain prop through HauntedProps.com

    I plan to buy a couple of those soon for different scenes and it would be WAY lighter wrapped around your actor than a real heavy duty chain! Just a thought.


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    Mar 2008
    Eastlake, Ohio
    I usually take the chains and throw them in the fire in the back yard.
    Then I soak them in 50/50 bleach & water.
    24 to 48 hours you have 100 year old chains.


  6. Default An Ornamental Blacksmith told me 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    His "Secret", he personally urinated on steel items to "Age" them.
    Yes he did.

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