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With Reaper do all of your tracks have to be identical in length so that they all cycle together? That's something I ran into a couple of years ago when trying to do a soundcard based solution..

In other words if one mp3 files was 27 seconds long and another was 30 seconds you would have three seconds of silence until the 30 second file looped.

Yes, Reaper is basically a multitrack mixing software that when combined with the M-audio cards can be used to pass the audio to multiple outputs instead of mixing it down. This is always the problem with mixing boards and most software that this setup overcomes.

So, to answer the question, all the tracks loop together. I just built out the tracks to something like a half hour long. Yes, they initially vary in length. With the software you can select all the items in a track and lengthen or shorten them (have them play faster or slower). This way the track lenths can be matched. The slight change change in pace lost over the half hour or more of an individual track is not noticed, especially with the type of audio most of us use.