Andrew's Floating Witch

1995, back when I had my first home haunt at my parents house, I came up with an idea for a floating body as a display. This prop idea grew into a more technical venture than I had knowledge for. I wrote the idea down and even tried building a "puker" with the same design.

Today, I have still not built one but I welcome the challenge. And, if time freezes, I will. Here is the drawing as it sits inside my little black book of haunt creations. Oh, by the way, I will be attending the Haunt Con this year so if you say hi I might share the book a little.

Andrew's Floating Witch:

The witch is a short witch, she has no shoes (when she floated, she left them on the ground). Her arms are stirring a long spoon that's inside a cauldron. The witch is floating in the air while mixing her potion. The spoon is mixing a foggy potion.

The Secrets:

Sorry about the stereotypes first off. Secondly, I know there are lots of these things on the market. I googled "Floating Witch" and oddly I get those traveling witches that cruise the floor on wheels. I also got some others that really don't look like they are suspended in the air. The witch I drew up is. She is supported by the spoon shaft. It, the spoon, is attached to a rotating disk.

I think this is what separates mine from the others: The shaft of the spoon is hollowed out to allow another shaft that rotates opposing. In other words while the spoon rotates around the inner shaft will rotate in the opposite direction at the same speed. This should create a support bar near the top that doesn't really move. Now, to complicate things. There has to be wires traveling though the spoon shaft as well. These wire will power the motor inside the witch.

The motor inside the witch has or could have many functions. In my drawing, it controls the feet, the head, and the moving arm. It's important that the arms move in and out otherwise the witch would move along with the pole. Yeah it will take timing but this is just an idea right now.

There is a secondary motor is inside the cauldron. It rotates a disk that the spoon is attached to. A hole drilled through this disk lets the inner shaft poke through. This shaft is attached to a disk/gear that spins the other direction.

I feel I should point out that this is only an idea that I drew up a long time ago and I wanted to share it with all of you. I know that it would take much thought to get it to work right. But, if you're the entrepreneur type, develop this idea and market it for Halloween. I would buy one.