From an actorís perspective give me some of your opinions on what you want and your marketing thoughts.
Besides all the normal crap (like end of yr party, money, food, drinks, contact lenses, costumes, etc) that we typically provide what are you looking for from us as owners? I want to hear some ideas from people that donít work for me.
Here is something we are doing this year and it will be a total surprise to my haunt family. We are doing a photo shoot. We are using the photos/video for all promotions this year in brochures, website, etc. One thing I decided to do to market the characters besides the haunt is everyone that shows for the photo shoot, I am making each character their own business card. I am going to give each person 250 cards. At the end of the season I will be count them and give a bonus of say like 100/50 for first and second for whomever has the most cards returned. This will give the presenters a discount of 10% to the haunt. What do you think? I thought it would get them promoting the haunt earlier than normal and to people they really think will come. Then they will benefit as well.
Any other ideas?