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Thread: Eureka Screams Spring Break Update...

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    Mar 2007
    I love your idea of haunts in months other than october. I wish someone would do something like that in DFW area.

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    Nov 2005
    Portland, OR

    It takes time to educate people. Hopefully next weekend will help you break even financially, but even if it doesn't quite get there, it may still be worth putting on the event. Not only does it give you a nice off season opportunity for your crew, it all helps in building media coverage and word of mouth for the fall. In the long run, I suspect it will turn out to be a benefit. Good luck and keep us posted.

    Lords of Chaos, LLC
    House of Chaos Haunted Attraction

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    Feb 2004
    Manitowoc Wisconsin www.nightmarefactoryhaunt.com
    Hang in there buddy. You might not get the numbers this weekend or maybe this year, but like Kevin said, you are getting your actors excited about the haunt, and you are also networking for more actors. Plus next year, people will expect the haunt to take place!!

    www.atheateroflostsouls.com Or if you need makeup or supplies www.abramagic.com

    "I am a frickin evil genius who deserves some frickin respect!"

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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    The Ravens Grin Inn has been trying to educate the general public that a haunted house can be open (and worth seeing) every night of the entire year now for 20 years.
    It has been an uphill battle.
    You are talking, telling them this and part of their brain just shuts you off, the preconceived notion of October-Only blurrs out the words.
    I really enjoy the "Off-Season" I have all my fun then, doing tours for small groups of mostly real fans of what I do here, people that want to be here and don't gripe about money or the drive to get here and are usually fairly lavish with their compliments as they finally find themselves still alive at the end of the show.
    I am the haunt-junky who would like to scare and entertain EVERYONE that comes through my door.(Clarification:I mean EVERYONE, ALL THE WAY THROUGH THIS HOUSE, EVERY ROOM, EVERY CORNER, FOR EVERY MINUTE that they are here, that's what I mean!) I need my "Fix" everynight, so I'm open and ready for them almost everynight!!!
    ..and since I am such an addict, I am extremely gratefull to them when anyone shows up..........
    5 to 10 may be showing up here tonight, they called ahead, one is a fan for sure, excited about coming here from 3 hours away.
    I think you have done very well Kelly at least in certain important aspects.
    You made it "happen" is number one.
    You have had , what? 135 people show up so far? Very Good!
    Onward and upward!

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    Dec 2003
    Ohhh Dry county's nestled in between a wet one, that is tough! Myself prefer the wet ones,a lot actually! And yes im talking alcohol for you dirty minded that veered off imedialty think i meant somethingelse!

    Im sure one or two of you did! LOL

    A few things that Euraka Springs the city might do to help the Spring Break situation.

    Pub Crawls are always fun and if you guys planned it make a Zombie pub crawl, those seem to be taking off lately! Still got to try one myslef.

    My personal favortie, for the two weeks set up a bar in the laundramat,college kids need to wash their dirty britches why not have a cocktail while doing laundry next to the cutie washing those g-strings,i know i sure would! Talk to the local laundramat and advertise at all the hotels they stay at.

    As far as haunt realted ideas, if you have the room for it next year possibly build a small stage out near the waiting line and ask a local band to play or bands if you can find a few to play. We built a huge stage for our local bands to play on, they did all their own scheduling and they made sure they had at least three acts a night all season long.They supplied their own sound systems.
    They loved us for giving them a place to play and in return they gave us entertainment. We had nothing to do with it except supplying the stage and a building to play in they did all the managment with it and pefromed.
    They now rent the stage from us all the time during the off season.

    Matter of fact, the band i have on my Myspace is from Rockford where i live, they palyed our haunt 4 times a season and were always headliner, they just broke a record deal and are on the Yagermeister tour,pretty cool!
    This is the band that did all the managment of the bands.

    Think about it, bands have small fan clubs that attend their shows, if you have 3-5 bands play a night you will end up with an extra 200 in your parking lot. It's not huge numbers but it helps.

    I guess Kel the really important question i should have asked is, what is the draw to Eureka Springs for Spring Break? Iv'e never been there.
    Beaches? Amusment parks? Or just the fact that this is where they go to drink?
    The other question is how do you tie yourself into it in every advertising posssibilty possible? If their going to the bars hit the bars up for help placing vouchers and for sure send a few monsters over to the bars on friday and saturday nights to make a quick apperance,ask the owners for permission to hand out vouchers, they may think you trying to steal their customers. Im sure somethings possible.

    Just a few thoughts, i have zillions of them therefore i never sleep. I am Vampire!

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    Raycliff Manor Guest
    Sorry it's taken me so long to post an update. We did end up doing better the second weekend of our Spring Break event, but nothing like the fall. We were able to cover our overhad costs, including payroll. We're glad we did it though for the following reason, many that were pointed out in previous posts:

    1. We were able to get the team together for a great time of scares and laughs.

    2. We were able to introduce the area to the concept of a non-fall haunted attraction event.

    3. We were able to give a lot of new visitors the opportunity to see the show.

    4. We were able to further brand our business and maintain a buzz about Raycliff Manor.

    5. We were able to contact our sponsors and let them know that we were providing them FREE additional exposure through our marketing efforts, on our website and by displaying their banners in our lobby.

    I'm sure there are other reasons I could list as well! Thanks to the many of you who have posted, PM'd me and emailed me with your words of support and for all the sincere interest in offering suggestions and ideas and in how the event worked out.


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    Nov 2005
    Portland, OR
    While you may not have made a big profit , it sounds like a success to me! Congrats Kel.
    Lords of Chaos, LLC
    House of Chaos Haunted Attraction

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    Aug 2005
    Sacramento, CA
    Kel, Congrats on breaking even. I see it like a first year haunt, very hard to make a profit year one. Nothing but good things will come from this, great work!


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    Nightgore Guest
    Awesome stuff Kelly... Once again, I hope to one day have the sucess that you've had. -Tyler

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    Sep 2006
    Longview, Texas
    Ok, now I can get on here and finally post a story or 2, or maybe 3!!!

    We had a husband-wife VIP group cme through. I was the very last actor you encounter in Raycliff Manor, and when this group came through and when I did my thing- she screamed and said that I was the only person that scared her. The husband was just laughing and said he really didnt get THAT scared. As a special treat for the VIP guests, we pulled them off to the side, and let them go back through- starting near the begginning. The way my area was arranged- there is a U-turn at the end. As you come around this turn, that's when you see my position- I jump out of a sliding panel. As they came to this spot the second time, I hid below a cabinet at the U bend, rather than my normal spot. When they turned this corner, they were staring at my spot, expecting me to jump out again- and they were ready for it! All I had to do was stand up from my crouched position and I am directly behind them. They stood there for a solid 8 seconds, and nothing happened, so they figured that I forgot to get back in position. So they start walking again and the wife says that she was dissapointed in not seeing me again. In my wonderful Mr. Binky voice- "NO YOU DIDNT!!!!" Bothe of them nearly fell to the floor screaming!

    This was one of my favorite scares. Being that I was the only one to get them the first time, and that I was able to get them even better the second time- even when they were expecting me to jump out- I still got 'em!!!
    Brad Bowen
    Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA

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