Blood Window

What happens to a drop of water that is placed on top of a glass sheet, when another glass sheet is dropped on top of it?

Back in my illusion concepts I thought of making a clear window into a solid wall. I never got around to building one but this idea might and should find its way into your thoughts and maybe into your haunts.

Lay down a pane of glass and place some fake blood drops on it. Take another sheet of glass and place it on top of the blood. The blood shoots in every direction to fill the window with a red tint.
This is the basic idea behind the bloody window.

What I imagine is a huge window, like in my drawing from my black book, it's about 6 feet tall-ish. It has wooden dowels framing it out. The wooden frames are to help sell the illusion and remove the guess as to how this works. Behind this sheet is another sheet of glass with no dowels but same size. It is attached at the top with rubber or a kind of silicone. The left and right sides of these two windows are attached in the same manner. At the bottom, there is a small bladder (pictured larger) filled with thick fake blood.

The bottom of the back window needs to swing inward maybe an inch. This will cause the blood in the bladder to shoot up through the channel and fill your windows. The blood will stay there until you swing back the glass allowing the blood to flow back into the bladder.

I had some extra thoughts on this. This window concept can be worked into a large bay window or even smaller sheets. You might even be able to create a self filling fish tank. I thought of making a regular window turn into a mirror but there is no color liquid that I can think of to use (other than mercury but I like my sanity(what's left of it)).