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View Poll Results: Is Myspace officially dead?

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Thread: Is myspace officially dead?

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  1. Default  
    Join Date
    Sep 2006
    Longview, Texas
    I'd have to say it's dead also. I used to be very active on there for myself and with my haunt. But now, it just seems that people have moved on and forgotten about myspace.

    Time to focus on facebook and foursquare now.
    Brad Bowen
    Owner/Operator of the Ultimate Fear Haunted House in Shreveport, LA

  2. Default  
    Join Date
    Feb 2011
    As for my personal account I haven't been on in years. For the haunt I still log on and continue to market through it. I believe it is dead too, but spending 5 minutes a day just posting stuff doesn't kill my time, and who knows maybe there is someone on.
    Jason Weber
    Midnight Terror Productions, LLC
    Nightmare Forest

  3. Default Yep 
    Join Date
    Dec 2009
    Nashville, Tennessee, United States
    I just now deleted my account on myspace. Poor Tom....
    John Elks - Staff
    Death Row- Sanitarium of Slaughter
    Nashville, TN 37211


  4. Default Not even in our top 100... 
    Join Date
    Dec 2008
    Aberdeen, MD
    Myspace this past year wasn't even in our web site's top 100 analytics referral sites. It probably didn't help that we didn't put much into it. I didn't completely delete our myspace page... but I have just posted a link to our web site and our facebook account. I wouldn't want someone random coming around and starting a LOTF myspace page. Afterall... myspace still ranks high on google.
    Patrick Barberry

  5. Default  
    Join Date
    May 2010
    Sweet Home Alabama
    whats myspace? lol

  6. Default Myspace= D-e-d dead 
    Join Date
    Feb 2010
    (the appropriately named) Killen, Alabama
    Its over for it, I have a few friends that still myspace continuously, unfortunately they have 10 friends, and all of their last posts were from like last year... facebook will do this one day too...

  7. Default  
    Join Date
    Jan 2005
    DEAD! I still have 3 accounts up but they are DEAD, nothing but spammers whenever I log in, plus the last design killed iot for me completely on that note feel free to add our FaceBook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/DarkSy...3535572?v=wall
    Buried deep beneath Darksyde acres Haunted house In Michigan I'm the Best at what I do, What I do Isn't very NICE!

  8. Default  
    Ray Hammond Guest
    I still have all of my accounts with Myspace. Slaughtered At Sundown (Haunt), Dr. U.R. Dead (Character) and Mister Detroit (Personal). The site may be dead but we should all know, some people get off on dead things. Never get rid of anything that can bring you an extra customer or two.

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