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Thread: Best experience

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  1. Default Best experience 
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    Dec 2010
    Philly PA burbs
    So what's the best experience/compliment you've had acting?

    I had several customers stop or come back into my scene after they exited (or I chased them out lol) telling me that I (and/or my fellow scene actress) were their favorite so far in the maze and/or the entire attraction.

    What about you?

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    Nov 2008
    Mesquite, TX
    One of favortie things to do is scare a kid so they drop the F-bomb and the the parent hits em. I love that.
    at Terror on church street we would have a saudi prince come through and tip us $100 if we scared him good, that was nice!

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    Apr 2009
    Near Charlotte NC
    The girl in the pic is named Sage.

    Every year she and her family come to the attraction I used to work for and visit all of us. She has one favorite character in the park that she has developed a close friendship with. Her family has created a photo mosaic of every year that she visits. It was an absolute joy to see her every year (they lived about 2 hours away) and catch up on all the latest news. She has a very bright future in the haunt industry as she has said that she WILL be an actor as soon as she's of age. I'm no longer at the park, but her family comes to my zombie walk every year so we still get to chat.

    Sage and her friend Scott though the years. She started coming my first year in the park.


    It's people like this that make the job worthwhile...

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    Jul 2010
    My favorite would have to be going to work (I work for several local school districts) and getting into a conversation with the gym teacher about our haunt. He had no idea I was connected in any way with the haunt and was telling me about how he was so sorry he had missed it because he heard rave reviews about it and the fortune telling parlour was supposed to scare the wits out of anyone.!...... and I just happened to have been the fortune teller and also designed my entire room.
    Sweet!! Nicest compliment I could have received!

  5. Default Approaching 9,000 nights=OPEN 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    How could I pick any favorite person, experience here?
    In general I have always really liked it when foreign visitors come through my house, maybe because they have very little knowledge of what to expect so they are sometimes more apprehensive.
    At the end of the house tour I always try to ask them:"So, in your country do you have any thing like this?"
    Many times their response goes something like:"Uh, no, I did not think, they had anything like THIS HERE either!" A museum picture frame gilder from Poland kept coming through the house . He was a muscular man, maybe 35? The other adult students in the class heard him scream like a little girl from 40 feet away when he confused "Left" & "Right" and stepped into afew inches of icy water, just enough to go into his shoe! (in the dark!)
    Recently on Facebbook a patron of mine stated that he has now been through my house 85 times, and he probably has been! And,he always brings someone with him, never coming through alone.
    I have also liked the challenges some customers have given me over the years.
    A school 20 miles away once had a student reward program featuring my house as the reward . The school guessed that the 7th graders still would not be able to be good enough to amass enough points to make their program need more than just maybe one busload--"Surprise! Maybe 8 busloads qualified! Every night after school for a week and a half, a bus would come here, with two teachers. The challenge was to "scare" the teacher who had just been here the night before, infront of the kids, of course!
    Next week a busload of Art & Music students will be here from Kentucky, we got the check Friday, they have been coming here for five years.
    Three" Kentucky" carloads returned one summer half of them wearing Ravens Grin tees, honking as they arrived, Happy to be here again!!

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    Sep 2009
    Buffalo, NY
    This season at Frightworld we one customer who came through the haunt just about every night of the season. He was deaf and no one knew who he was or his name, but every night he was there with his backpack wearing his frightworld t-shirt.

    He bought tickets the first couple of nights, but after our ticket takers started to recgonize him and knew how nice of a guy he was they would just let him through the haunts as many times as he wished.

    The first couple of nights he went through by himself and none of the actors in my house let up on him and you could tell he love the experience. After the first two weeks he learned the layouts of the houses and where the actors usually were. Instead of going by himself he started tagging along with other groups because he loved seeing their reactions. He would go through my house at least 5 times a night.

    After seeing him basically every night for the first 3 weeks of the season seeing him became one of the highlights of my night. Wanting to show that him that he was noticed I decided to start "pounding it" with him as he left my room because he was always at the end of each group. On slow nights when I was doing chainsaw I would let the group that he was with move on and would have fake fights with him, swinging the chainsaw at him, putting it between his legs, dancing around him with the saw. He loved every second of it. On busy nights when I was doing chainsaw I would always make sure to give him a swipe at the legs with it to show I saw him and he would give me a "pound" and keep moving on"

    Every once in a while when I wasnt doing chainsaw I would try to catch him off guard in a new hiding place or coming out with different timing, I always wanted to make sure he had a good time. His reactions were always awesome, and of course he always gave me a "pound".

    On halloween, our last night he came through my house a few times. Upon his last walkthrough he came to my scene, put one finger up trying to say last time. After I awknowledged it I went to give him a pound, but instead he went and gave me hug. It was probably the single most touching moment I have ever experience in haunting. Seeing how much the place ment to him and how much he enjoyed it made all the hard work from the season worth it. I of course had to get one last scare in for him so I came out of a slam door in the last room that we rarley used and it looked like I almost gave him a heart attacked. After he smiled waved goodbye and he was gone.

    The biggest shame was I never learned his name or anything. Noone on our staff knew sign language, and we couldnt break character or take time to ever try and communicate with him. He single handedly gave me my best experience in haunting and I may never see him again.

    I hope that he returns next year and I can take time on night to get to know him. Give him a person behind the scences tour becuase I could just tell how much he enjoyed the whole experience. Its funny how just one person can make all the long hours and hard work worth it.

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    Jan 2011
    Huntsville, Alabama, United States
    Definitely not the best, but the weirdest compliment I got was that I looked like Kesha.

    Also one night we went down the street to get food [in costume and half makeup] and a chick there was like OH MAN I REMEMBER YOU GUYS. And told us about when she went through/actually did remember what rooms we were all in and stuff. haha

  8. Default A store clerk recognised me 
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    Aug 2003
    Ravens Grin Inn, 411 carroll st.mount carroll ill.
    As I was asking him something , he began looking down at the floor, then looked up at me and he knew I was the Ravens Grin Guy by my voice, which is kinda funny since I never wear make up or a mask.
    Maybe the rooms were too dark?

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    Jan 2011
    Around Cape Girardeau
    One of my best experiances I would have to say is when I showed one of my nephews a picture of me dressed as my butcher charactor. He said coooool and just love it. I show him some of my props and he wants me to get him some just like them. We are talking bloody cut off arms and stuff. He is 6 years old.
    He just loves what I do and wants to learn every thing I can teach him. And I really injoy it very much. Look out guys I think I have created a monster and future haunter. mmmmmhhhhahahahahhahhaa
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    a.k.a. The Butcher
    a.k.a. Hauntlord

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